Saturday, August 7, 2010

cupcakes made with love update!:)

it's time for a cupdate!

hi there,
& welcome to cupcakes made with love♥

if you don't already know me,
i will introduce myself!
my name is julie, & i love to bake pretty cupcakes!
after realizing i wasn't half bad at it, i decided to start up my own little cupcake business on the side.
i love to create beautiful cupcakes for all occasions,
i am very creative and love to come up with new ideas,
but am also more than willing to try and create what you need for your next party, shower, birthday etc!

i have re-located to TORONTO,
& most of my orders have come from the pickering area,
i will still try my best to accommodate you!
take a look at some of my new cupcake creations

&& email me if you have an inquiry or order :)

love & cupcakes,