My name is Julie Ross, and I love to bake Cupcakes!  I've been baking for about 8 years now. I've always loved baking (especially Cupcakes!) I started bringing my Cupcakes to friends birthday's, showers, parties etc. and people would say "Julie, why don't you sell these?" and then I thought good question! In February of 2009 I started "Cupcakes Made With Love" - My Cupcakes are special because of the love that I put in with every order! Each order is custom to the occasion and the person ordering!

I work with my customer to find out more about their event/gathering so that I can make them perfect! I am very creative & love using lots of different colours and toppings! If you are ever interested in ordering Cupcakes from me or learning more then please send me an email:)

I am located in Toronto, Ontario. Orders are pick up only (unless discussed otherwise)

I do orders for birthday's, wedding and baby showers, all holidays!, just for fun, weddings etc. I would love to make you the most awesome Cupcakes that are guaranteed to make you smile!