Sunday, March 8, 2009

cupcakes made with love love love!

hi there!
welcome to cupcakes made with love.

below you can view some pictures of the delicious cupcakes i have baked & decorated.

if you want to place a cupcake order with me, please send me an email!
if you'd rather make your order over the phone, send me an email & i will give you a call asap!

flavours ;
french vanilla
rainbow chip
cherry chip
butter pecan

* please note if you would like a different flavour that you do not see on the list, contact me with your request and i will try my best to find a recipe for the kind you'd like (prices may be higher)

you can choose vanilla, chocolate or buttercream - if you choose vanilla or buttercream, i can do what ever colour you want!

let me know the theme of the occasion you need your cupcakes for, and i will make them cute as can be accordingly :)

prices ;
6 cupcakes - $12
12 cupcakes - $24
24 cupcakes - $35
♥ minimum is 6 cupcakes!
♥ cupcakes can be picked up at my house! (pickering, ontario)

i love baking cupcakes and it really shows once you see the cute little creations, i am open to all sorts of ideas, but am also very creative, and love coming up with lots of fun & fresh ideas for my cupcakes!

hope to hear from you soon,
little miss party herself, julie ross!

vanilla cupcakes with reese peanut butter cups on top!

3 chocolate & 3 vanilla, with vanilla icing (pink and white themed)

st.patty's day cupcakes!

vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing and oreo's on top!

mini cupcakes!

super fun & bright cupcakes for a friend's birthday

mini cupcakes with teal buttercream icing.

butter pecan cupcakes with buttercream icing.

wedding shower cupcakes!

flowered icing tip, with glitter fairy dust on top, and pearls.

mini wedding shower cupcakes - cherry chip with buttercream icing

jumbo cupcake made for my favourite florist :)


  1. OMG, those cupcakes look so delicious!

  2. omg YUM!! where do you live? i want to order some :D

  3. yum yum, i wish i lived near you i would totally get some of those st pattys cupcakes today!

  4. Fantastic! Are they real? Can you actually eat it?

  5. those reese's ones! you have such a fantastic selection!